I love my pet. He is very cutie and gives me internal affection. I get sad when he has some health issues. One day he went to my garden and I was playing with him. Suddenly he became sick and was vomiting I get surprised.  So here are some common house plants which are toxic to the pets. To make your loved pets take take your pets away from these common house plants.

1. Host

This house plants having green leaves and looking beautiful are commonly used for the decoretive purpose could harm to the health of your pet so keep this plant in such a way that the pets could not rich to this plants if it is in the house.
2. Water Lilies

 It is one of the water plant and is very beautiful in look and so is a wonderful decorative but it is very toxic to the cats so if one who has cats it their house keep it in such place where cat can rich there. 
3. Morning Glory

It is very common and found in various color. This is also not good for the health of cats since it is very hallucinogen for cats and it can cause gastrointestinal upset, disorientation, an agitation, ataxia and anorexia.
4. Pathos

 This causes drooling, vomiting,  irritation in oral , burning in mouth, tongue & lips and causes problem to the dogs and cats in swallowing.

 5. Tomato Plant

 The cats and dogs could suffer weakness; it could dilate the pupils and slow heart rate.   It could also cause Hyper-salivation, gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, drowsiness as well as depression

6. Tulip & Narcissus

If you have a dog takes care of planting these verities of flowers in the garden. The bulbs comes of this plants is toxic and can create cardiac abnormalities, the gastrointestinal irritation, drooling, could cause loss of appetite, convulsions and depression.  

 7. Begonia

This flower is toxic for cats and dogs. It causes burning and irritation in their mouth, tongue and lips. Further it makes them drooling, vomiting and difficulty in swallowing.
8. Carnations

This flower could exhibit mild dermatitis & gastrointestinal irritation the pets.
9. Chrysanthemum

This plant  cause pets  vomiting, diarrhea, dermatitis & hyper salivation.
10. Cyclamen

This has very beautiful, decorative and have unique shape. But it is not healthy flower for the dog since it is one of the dangerous flowers for the dogs. This plant is toxic to the dogs. The root of this flower   is toxic even more to the dogs
11. Gladiola

This flower is very popular in flower arrangements and commonly found in gardens. Take care of the dogs in such a way that dogs could not rich to this flower because it is toxic to the dogs. 

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