1. Advances your flexibility

 Flexibility is one of its kinds of exercise that can help in getting relief from the aches and pains. The improved flexibility is most noticeable benefits of yoga. This form of yoga is difficult to perfume at the beginning but with some effort and dedication it is possible to do whatever difficult it is.

2. Shapes muscle strength

Strong muscles protect us from arthritis and back pain.  Yoga helps to strengthen the muscle strength through yoga. In GYM when someone lifts the weight, here he develop strength at the cost of flexibility.

3. Perfect your posture

Poor posture  is one of the reasons of back, neck, many other muscle and joint problems. As you fall, your body may pay damages by destruction the normal inner curves in the neck and lower back. And consequence could be that one may feel pain and deteriorating arthritis of the spine. yoga can help to improve to maintain the poster. It not only help to get relief on pains but it also make people smart looking and active.

4. Avoids cartilage and joint breakdown 

While doing yoga one uses their joints through at their full range of gesture. This helps to prevent degenerative arthritis or mitigating disability through squeezing and soaking areas of cartilage. Joint cartilage is just like a sponge. The required fresh nutrients for joints can only be available when its fluid is squeezed out and a new supply can be soaked up. To maintain that process perfect its yoga that can help a lot.

5. Protects your spine

Spinal disks act as shock absorbers among the vertebrae. Herniate and compress nerves crave movement should be proper. This is way by which they get their nutrients. If someone have any problem it , yoga can give good result. 

6. Betters your bone health

Weight bearing exercise makes bones stronger and helps area off osteoporosis. in yoga there are many posture where one has to lift their own weight. These are downward, upward facing position. This helps in strengthen the arm bones. Which are mainly susceptible to osteoporotic fractures?

7. Regulate your blood flow

In maintaining the blood flow proper of our body, many positions of the yoga help very much. Such exercise related to relaxation helps the circulation in hand and feet particularly. Yoga helps to have required oxygen to the cells and as a result it helps to function cells properly. Other position of yoga such as twisting of the body wrings the venous and let oxygenated blood to flow normally. So there are so many positions in yoga that helps to maintain our body, mind and heart

8. Drains lymph and increases immunity

Contracting and stretching poster in yoga helps to increase the drainage of lymph and as a result of this lymphatic system fight with infection, abolish cancerous cells and dispose the toxic waste products.

9. Regulate blood pressure

Yoga is also helpful in maintaining the blood presser. There are several yoga positions that are helpful to maintain the blood presser. People having high blood presser are suggested even by the doctors to do yoga.  

10. regulates your adrenal glands

It is observed that adrenal gland increases immune utility. Once the cortisol level remains high it compromises with the immune system. Now the excessive cortisol causes depression, osteoporosis high blood presser and insulin resistance. This development causes food seeking when someone are in upset condition, anger and stressed.  This causes to gain weight improving more chances of diabetes and heart attack. To avoid such condition regular practicing of yoga helps a lot since it helps to keep depression, anger and stress under normal condition. Additionally yoga also helps   in improving harmonization, response time, and memory. The transcendental form of meditation exhibit an ability  to solve issues and recall their memories in better manner. In the other hand regular yoga also brings relax in both mind and body.  

11. Releases tension

 Regular practice of Yoga can make you able deal with complicated issues and you will not feel any stress in your mind. This can be acquire through the regular practice of yoga you will able to identify the tension occurring parts of your body and be able to release the tension from those part of the body. similarly with dedicated yoga practice one can remain tension free  in his life and can have sound sleep, relax feeling and have great piece in their mind. 

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