1.    Diet control and exercise. The basic fact of weight gaining is   that if someone consume more than that he lose. This meaning,  when people eat a lot but do not do exercise accumulation fat in  the body occur and the consequence is that he gains weight. So  exercise which play very important role in losing or rather we can  say controlling weight gain. So control your diet and do regular   routine exercise that will maintain your health and body weight.
      2.    Amendment your lifestyle. Your life style also plays great role in maintaining your weight. It is very easy to say control your weight but maintaining weight is very hard sometimes. One has to live in discipline life style. Someone who are overweight have to change their life styal such as, changing his eating habit, performing regular exercise or even sometimes have to take an advice from experts
3.    Make a circle. In motivating yourself in performing weight maintaining job making a circle of friend helps a lot provided all friends should have the same mission. This will make easy  on doing the work and make easy to change  your life style..
4.    Consultation with experts. As we all know there are many kind of foods. All have their own values and composition. Some contains high carbohydrate; some are rich in proteins and so on. To consume the diets depends on your health and your motto. So it is better to consult with experts what your body need and what food is suitable according to your health and motto.   Make a list of dietsthat is suitable to your body and try to maintain to consume that as much possible as you can. But it is advisable to to punish your body by not eating.
5.    Read the labels of product. Make a habit of looking in the label of food product. Avoid to take those product which are not good or not suitable to your health. e hI know it sucks, but you have to do it – and there’s no way to avoid this tip. Check the list of ingredients that are there in your food.
6.    Select the exercise that best shoots you: there are several types of exercise. It is not necessary that all exercise will shoot to your purpose. For example if some is underweight he need to select exercise that support to gain weight on the other one who is overweight have to select type of exercise that helps to lose the weight. Running , walking cycling are some of the exercise that best shoot for all. Choose the best one which you like.
7.    Set reagionable goals. To gain weight if you are underweight or to lose weight  if you are overweight. Set   a target for that and make good schedule. It is not good for health if you try to achieve the goal in no time. If you try it will be harmful rather than beneficial. It is suggested that to lose the weight set small goal and do regularly.
8.    Be confidence of yourself: people usually compare yourself with other. But the body requirement varies person to person. So examine yourself what your body need and do ony as per your requirement. It will boost up your confidence and at the ssame time will help in achieving your goal. For instance generally men can lose their weight rapidly where as a woman cannot. It is not because a woman can do as a man can but it is because of physiological.
9.    Maintain your weight as per your height. In medical science it is said that that the weight of the people should be as per their height. A tall man should have higher weight than a small man or woman. So check your height and try to maintain your weight accordingly.
10. Try to have sound sleep. Sound sleep is as important  as balnce diet and exercise to maintain your health. If you do not have sound sleep it may cause lot of disorder in your body. and to have sound sleep you should remain stress free. And for that it is very important yourself to remain normal rather than stressed.
11. Calculate required daily calorie limit. Maintain to consume suggested calories per day.  Maximum of 1700 calories per day is sufficient. So it is suggested to sick on that or get suggestion from your diet expert.
12. Fiber good. Foods rich in fiber are good for weight losing.
13. Satisfy cravings with extreme prejudice. If you’re hungry for one thing, eat it. Don’t deny yourself the easy pleasures. If it’s attainable, eat solely 1/2 what you would like. Is your desire happy or square measure you enthusiastic about the flavor? Losing weight shouldn’t be torture for anybody. you have got to raise yourself: Is it a lot of vital on behalf of me to eat this complete case of fudgesicles, or to appear smart for my brother’s wedding? solely you have got the solution to it question, and if you ignore logic, you’re aiming to hurt yourself within the long. Simply take a nibble or 2 – I won’t tell a soul.
14. Water you waiting If you’re not drinking enough water, your body can allow you to recognize. Thirst is an incredible sensation – quench it. If you’re not hydrous, your body won’t be engaging at peak levels. Most of your body happens to be water, by the way. If you’re disturbed regarding “water weight,” keep in mind that you’re doubtless to retain additional water once you’re not giving your body enough of it within the initial place. Besides, that’s what those exertion sessions square measure alleged to facilitate with each alternative morning. I’m not progressing to dictate what number glasses you must drink, tho' – as that’s progressing to vary from person to person

15.  Sugar is dangerous that tastes good. You probably don’t wish to listen to this; however sugar could be a dangerous issue. The additional refined it comes, the additional your body goes to react negatively to that. Sugar, sugar, sugar is in everything, everything, everything. If it’s sweet, it’s got sugar in it. There square measure all forms of sugars out there, and every one of them square measure ultimately metabolized by the body. It’s an honest bet that the sugars during an apple square measure higher for you than the sugars in a candy, though. If you’re passionate about sugar, this is often aiming to be a frightful hurdle to beat.

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