How strong area unit your bones? You’ll don't have any plan till a bone breaks after you progress a stuck window or bend right down to obtain one thing you’ve born. Or worse, take Associate in Nursing sudden tumble off a curb or trip over Associate in Nursing cord. One of the vital goals of managing bone-thinning pathology is to stop the fractures that may threaten independence, steal quality, trigger depression, and lead to pain, disability, or perhaps death. These explicit  easy steps will facilitate to safeguard your bones.
1.         Clear your floors of muddle and any things that you just may simply trip over, as well as loose wires, cords, and throw rugs.
2.         Keep stairways, entrances, and walkways well lit, and install night lights in your sleeping room and toilet.
3.         Close up spills straightaway.
4.         Wear rubber-soled shoes for higher traction. Avoid walking around in socks.
5.         Avoid having to climb or reach for things. Keep the items you employ typically in easy-to-reach cupboards. you would possibly additionally purchase reaching and grasping tools to urge at difficult-to-reach things.
6.         Add grab bars to your tub, and use nonslippery mats on lavatory floors.
7.         use caution once pets are close. Tripping over a pet, most frequently a dog or cat, could be a common reason behind falls.

8.         consult with your doctor regarding whether or not any medications you're taking will cause lightheadedness, have an effect on balance, or produce other aspect effects that may cause you to a lot of susceptible to a fall.

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