When someone gets chest pain he could be in complicated position. He need to have immediate medical attention since it is related to the heart disease. But it is not necessary that he must have heart disease. Sometimes due to heartburn also people gets pain in the chest. Whatever cause of pain may be, he need an immediate medical attention. It is more essential when someone have unexplained, sudden and sever pain.  In case of heart attack arteries supplying the heart become is blocked. Angina is a chest pain where arteries are narrowed by heart disease.  In case of heartburn pain often felt in the upper belly or lower chest. The cause of this is stomach acid going back to the food pipe.  Sometimes Heartburn and heart attack pain could be alike. The seriousness of heart assault indications can traverse a wide range. A few people have heart assaults and don't have any acquaintance with it, since they encounter just mellow to direct side effects that they take up with another condition, for example, asthma, heartburn, or indigestion. A heart assault can be connected with numerous side effects, including:
Mid-section torment (otherwise called angina)
Wooziness/feeling faint
Powerlessness to rest
Stomach torment
Neck/jaw torment
Back agony
Arm torment
Acid reflux/reflux

2.     Heart attack

A heart attack is an occasion brought about by disease in the coronary arteries. These veins supply blood to the heart, keeping it bursting at the seams with vitality and oxygen. At the point when coronary artery disease causes lost blood supply to part of the heart muscle, this is a heart attack. A heart attack can prompt the heart halting. This is known as a heart failure. Somebody with heart failure won't be responsive and will have no heartbeat. Specialists likewise utilize the expression "intense coronary disorder" or ACS to discuss heart assault and different genuine heart issues, for example, temperamental angina

3.     Heart attack Symptoms

Heart attack can regularly,   yet not generally happen with exemplary manifestations:
1.    Chest pain that is regularly portrayed as weight, pressing, greatness, snugness, totality, or throb
2.    Chest pain that feels like a substantial weight smashing against the mid-section
3.    Pain may travel every which way, yet goes on for more than a couple of minutes
4.    Heart attacks symptoms are not always same. It could be mild or  severe. , and sometimes people may not feel any sine at all.
5.    The pain in the chest or discomfort is exhibit at the middle or middle left but infact it may not be so. It could spread one or both arms, neck, jaw, or at the upper or mid-back.
6.    There could be other symptoms that could be related to hert attack
7.    Breaking out in a cold sweat
8.    Being short of breath
9.    Feeling sick or nauseous
10.  Vomiting
11.  Feeling very tired or lacking in energy
12.  Feeling dizzy or lightheaded

4.     Heartburn

Infect Heartburn is not a disease rather is a symptom. It is the feeling, typically of burning pain which is caused by acid reflux. It  is the contents of the stomach plopping back up into the food tube. Heartburn is not connected to the heart. The confusion between the heart attack and heartburn is due to the pain position that is chest. In case of heartburn The belly yields mucus to protect its coating from the acid which is  uses to help for  digestion. When food pipe absences this defense, The acid reflux damages its coating. However Why people due to  acid reflux feel pain is not understood clearly.  It could be acid sensitive nerves involved in causing the pain.

5.     Symptoms of Heartburn

1.    Indigestion makes a smoldering sensation in the nourishment channel. This blazing sort torment as a rule happens simply over the stomach. The corrosive can likewise achieve higher up, conceivably even similarly as the back of the mouth.

2.    Different indications of indigestion ailment can run with the acid reflux. These can incorporate sickness, bloating, and burping.

6.     Heartburn and heart attack symptom difference

1.    Heartburn has a tendency to be more terrible in the wake of eating and when resting - in spite of the fact that heart attack can happen after a dinner, as well
2.    Heartburn can be alleviated by medications that lessen corrosive levels in stomach
3.    Heartburn does not bring about more broad side effects, for example, shortness of breath
4.    Heart attack does not bring about bloating or burping, but rather these can happen with acid reflux

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