Controlling   cravings while dieting, one needs to incorporate with foods that satisfied you. The method of maintaining a healthy body weight is difficult.  You have to choose variety of food products that is available in the market. It is required incorporate healthy foods in your diet, best one is low in calories which keep your calorie intake under the suggested daily limit and concurrently, make feel full and satisfied.
What to Select
Proteins are important for the body to remain fit and healthy.  The digestion of proteins takes longer time than carbohydrates and fats. So the intake of protein helps to feel satisfied for longer period of time. consume chicken or turkey and advisable to take more since it contains low amount of fat  although the food like fish and sea foods contains high level of fat , due to its omega3 contain is good for heart it is better to take these foods since it is good food for the health. Since vegetables and fruits which contains natural fiber is helpful to maintain your health and body weight. Since fiber absorbed liquid expand which gives sensation of satiety and consequence is that it aids to control cravings.
 Supplementary Tips
1.     Drinking sufficient amount i water is a part of healthy diet.  Nutritionists suggest to drink minimum 8 glasses of water per day. It helps liver and kidney to function properly.
2.      Make habit of eating 3 meal in regular basis and two snacks between meals. Develop and apply a concept of portion control at every meal.  Regularity in your eating habit will not make hungry and hence protect you from over eating.
3.     Low intensity exercise should be maintained . Heavy work increases the hunger sensation. to burn more calories Exercises should be done in the morning after you eat
4.     Protein Bars
Taking protein bars and shakes is a  way for curbing hunger. In the market a wide range of protein bars shared with different dried fruits and chocolate are available. These are a good source of energy. select that are rich in vitamins and minerals. However Protein bars are considered only a healthy supplement. It is not the substitute of nutritious meal.
So in this way it can be concluded that proteins are essential part of the fight with extra pounds. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to take high protein diet repeatedly for curbing hunger. To get  healthy, it is also recommended to take other groups of food to make your eating habit healthy  and make your diet balance so that your health remain perfect.  

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