How do you know if you are carrying extra weight?

Body mass index (BMI) = weight of the body/ hight2 (meter)

Generally human weight is classified as underweight normal and ‘overweight. To get an idea one takes the help of below given graph to determine the situation of their weight. However the graph cannot be used for people under eighteen years of age since their body are in developing stage 

It’s easier to increase weight and harder to loose once gained. Overweight makes people less active and could suffer from lot of difficulties. So to maintain good body weight one should do some small routine change of their eating and living habits.

To maintain body weight perfect one should need to eat and drink fewer kilojoules that we generally use. One can take help from Permanent Weight Loss: Key Diet, Habit and Lifestyle Changes.To maintain the weight it is necessary to include balance in the diet and have some good habits that help to make yourself charming and perfect.  

1. Include required amount of amount Protein to Your Diet

2. Use single ingredient food

3. Minimize Processed Foods

4. Take Healthy Foods and Snacks

5. Avoid added Sugar

6. Drink plenty of Water

7. take unsweetened Coffee

8. Supplement with Glucomannan

9. No liquid Calories

10. Avoid taking refined Carbs

11. Fast Occasionally

12. Drink Unsweetened Green Tea

13. Take Fruits and Vegetables daily

14. Check Calories

15. Take Smaller Plates

16. Use Low-Carb Diet

17. Eat Slowly

18. Take eggs in Your Diet

19. Interest up Your Meals

20. try to have sound  Sleep

21. Use more Fiber in the diet

22. Clean your  Teeth after Meals

23. Leave your food addiction

24. Do Some Sort of exercise

25. Make habit of Mindful Eating

26. ChangYour lifestyle for betterment


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