Health insurance as it is well known that insurance is a policy that protect to the people by insuring their many things such as property, business health etc. there are several insurance companies in different part of the world have several kinds of coverage. Health insurance is one of the types of insurance that covers cost of individual insured medical, surgical and other medical expenses as per the type of health insurance coverage either an insured pay costs out of pocket or through the reimbursed or direct payment to the concern provider.  Terminology insurance indicates to the provider that could be a clinic, hospital, doctor, laboratory, health care practitioner, or pharmacy. Whereas insured indicates the owner of the insurance policy in countries like the, health insurance is usually included in owner benefit packages and seen as an service perk.

Is health insurance coverage is  a human right or another product one can buy?

Countries like United Kingdom or Canada, health precaution coverage is provided by the state and consider as citizen’s right.  It is categorized as public education; the police, firefighters, street lighting, and public transport road networks are the public service for the nation.

In USA, health insurance coverage is seen differently. Here individuals have to insured himself and define  as that it is the responsibility with the individual however there is an exception for some groups, like  elderly , disabled people, veterans and some others. Recently, the Obama Administration has introduced a mandatory of   health insurance for everybody and those who fail to have policy of some kind will have to face penalties.
All will need some kind of medical attention and treatment in course of time. During the time of medical care is required, ideally the patient concentrate on getting better treatment , they should not bother on searching resources . So to protect yourself from such situation it is wiser to have health insurance so that they can pay their expenses to the concern easily .  now a days health insurance has become very common in most of developed nations.

Managing diabetes
 According to the research of Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon, establish that diabetes patients need uninterrupted health insurance coverage for the long-term proper management of their disease.
Commonwealth Fund in 2011 commonwealth fund reported that 26% of the US citizens of working age face a gap in health insurance coverage.   Mostly they lost their health insurance when they became unemployed or changed jobs.
Health Insurance survey carried out in 2010; found that customers have to pay were $167 per month for an individual, and . Family plans cost around $392 per month
Two broad types of health insurance or health coverage
Broadly speaking there are two types of health insurance:
1.       Private health insurance - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that, US health care system depends on private health insurance. Here 58% have some kind of private health insurance coverage.
2.       Public (government) health insurance – in this type of insurance, premiums are to be collected, though the coverage is provided by the state..

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