clickEverybody wants to be healthy, fit and smart looking. To be that it is very essential to maintain their weight. One should not be over weight because it is the cause of much disease. There are many ways by which people can maintain their health and looking slim and smarter. To have that Green Tea Diet is one of the innovative methods to lose weight faster and maintain health.  Use of Green Tea Diet to lose weight is regarded as a one of the proper diet that can help to maintain weight. 

The Green Tea Diet
The research conducted on Green tea have proven  that besides its anti-inflammatory effects, it is beneficial for a healthy heart as well , it prevents cancer and is helpful in maintaining health by helping in losing the overweight. However the combination of other activities such as exercise and balance diet
Is more beneficial and gives more positive results.
Benefits of Green Tea
Research have shown that the Green tea diet has following advantages:
• Fast metabolism
Green tea is famous for its antioxidant properties known as Polyphemus. It accelerates weight loss by stimulating body central nervous system. This helps to fat being sent through the blood stream to the body cells to use as fuel. The way through which fat is transformed into energy is called the rmo genesis. The benefit of this is that 1. Your body gets extra energy 2. It discharges the excess water and burns fat
 • Burns Fat
The sugar and fat produced from the food is converted into triglycerides. This substance is circulating to the body through the blood stream. Triglycerides give necessary energy to the body and so the body function properly l. but when the triglyceride level become too high, it transformed to fat which result the causes obesity.  Polyphemus of the Green tea play a vital role in dissolving the extra triglycerides from body and consequence is that it burns fat.
• Increases your physical strength   
Physical exercise is important for weight loss. It is very essential to have daily routine of exercise.  It helps to burn more calories and as a result helps to lose weight faster by maintaining the. Muscles nicely shape and as a result one will look fitter and better. Polyphemus stimulate liver and muscles to use fatty acids instead of carbohydrates. This means carbohydrates are used at a lower rate than usual and you will be able to exercise for longer time. An increased strength means more physical activities and fewer less pounds.

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