To look naturally beautiful one should maintain their natural look. For that it requires creating the foremost of your possessions, matching down any errors and looking well. It is also regarding having an exquisite temperament, one that may not self-involved however encompasses others in your circle of care. Wanting naturally lovely are some things among each person's understanding. To maintain it self naturally on should take care to maintain their

1.    body health

2.    personal beauty regime
3.    natural beautiful attitude
1.    Maintaining your body health

Eat healthy: take healthy diets like fish, fruits, and fresh vegetables. Try to intake less food which contains fats, high sugar, and heavy calories.  It is better to avoid consuming junk food like potato chips, pizza, cookies, and cakes and so on.  Starving is not good. One should not starve to make their body thinner which naturally they have got.   If try then in coming days they could have serious health issues.
Consume healthy liquids: drinking of lots of water ids good for health since it flushes toxins and provides naturally glow skin . it is better to avoid caffeinated drink and alcohol.
Get plenty of fresh air and do regular exercise:  this will give you a healthy radiance. Exercise helps to maintain the level of fitness.   
 Maintain sound sleep and do not stress yourself
2.    Developing your personal beauty regime
Work out what works best for you by understanding your body.
   Use the beauty products by understanding the nature of your skin (oily, dry or combination) texture of your hair, how does certain beauty product response your body. Use of this product should be done according to your body nature.  A know how these things are helpful to develop a beauty regime which keeps you looking beautiful naturally.  The succeeding steps will help you to find out these stuffs and apply them effectively.
Exfoliate your skin that waken it up and give you a perfect glow. Only exfoliate your skin once or twice a week, wash your face with normal cold water. Since it energizes skin and gives blushing result.   
Moisturize your skin daily. It will help to keep skin soft and beautiful looking. Make habit to use moisturizer at night.  That helps to keep it from trapping sweat and dirt.  
Do steam your face regularly.  This is one of the best methods to reduce acne and scars from your face.
Be sparing with makeup. Avoid using foundation. Only use if need desperately.  Make habit to wash your face and remove makeups before going to bed.
Get your eyebrows waxed.  Do it yourself, you should be sure how to do this correctly and carefully. This helps to open up your eyes. Do not pluck too much since over plucked eyebrows does not look good.one can take help with some experts.  
Take good care of your hair.  Wash your hair with warm to warm water. Do not use hot water. Use natural methods to keep your hair healthy. Always Use  quality shampoo and conditioner.  
keep your dental in  hygiene condition  to make your smile brighter    Mouth wash and dental floss is necessary for making fresh breath and cleaner teeth. Use
a pinch of baking powder, salt and vinegar to make them brighter.
Use adequate sun protection.  Protect your skin with a sunscreen. Choose sunscreen which are oil-free and non-come do genic, so that  it won't clog your pores.
3.    Maintaining a naturally beautiful attitude
Smile.  Avoid taking Pepsi, Coke etc. it stain your teeth making your smile a yellow look. Many people trust in the value of performance.
Stand tall with great posture. This will help to develop your good looking personality. Be confident. Express yourself that you are beautiful and always be.  Do not lose your confidence. Be happy with who you are. Never think you’re not pretty, this   will make you unhappy and depressed. Be confident always and never think negative. Always think positive. This will boost your confidence.   
Wear clothes you feel good in, and that define your features.  Choose your wearing that shoots according to your body and personality. Use some matching accessories with your dress to give you a good and modern looking.   

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